Who we are

St. Jude and Benjamin Foundation is a non-profit organisation focused on eradicating extreme poverty and crime in our communities by sustaining basic education and primary healthcare utilization – to ensure that children and adolescents stay their development cause. SJ&B is a non-partisan, non-political and religious agnostic entity committed to making our communities more prosperous and safe through a unique preventive approach.

Our work is based on the premise that if we can provide a social stop gap during critical points of need, we can drastically reduce the number of teenage deaths, drug abuse, out of school children, and increase the number of in-school children, which will increase the number of possible success stories from that community.

We have taken it upon ourselves, to work with will partners to identify hot spots and develop a unique engagement process that will ensure beneficiaries are not forced by life situations to endanger their success.



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At SJ&B we Imagine an Africa where every child and youth intentionally decide their faith instead of being channeled by situations they have not contributed to or have control over

To greatly improve the level of economic success and safety in our local communities by improving the number of potential young people, one community at a time.