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Our Focus

Our work is focused on three thematic areas

Academic Social Gap
We have developed a mechanism that ensures that the most vulnerable children/adolescents and their families get critical support at decision points of their academic career. From preparatory classes to fees and materials, our goal here is to ensure that a child does not miss out because they cannot afford the last mile.

Primary Healthcare Gap
We will work with healthcare officials to ensure that there is enough skill and resources towards providing a first responder intervention. We have created a unique social model that is both cost effective and easy to adopt in the community.

Relief and General Giving
We work with individuals and cooperate organisation to support; incarcerated people, victims of war and natural disasters, orphans, widows and refugees. This pillar of work allows for support of such people as listed with the most relevant resource until they can find their feet.

Our Approach

All SJ&B programs are executed through one or a combinations of these defines;

a. Research and Education
Consistently develop local data on impact hot spots to support needed changes and interventions, while providing required training for stakeholders in the community

b. Advocacy
360 degrees engagement of all stakeholders, calling out issues that challenge growth through a non-partisan approach, and making minority voices heard.

c. Partnerships
Promote peace and prosperity within the communities, by helping build and sustain strategic partnerships that support any of our thematic focus areas

d. Technology and Innovation
Based on results from our many studies, we consistently seek better ways of supporting activities in each of focus areas, by applying new technologies and adopting best practices.

  • Our Founders have over 50 years combined experience working with government and communities at all levels, we have a strong understanding of the Nigerian terrain and the access to ensure our projects gain political support;
  • We are deeply rooted in our various communities and can easily have community buy over on implementations and acceptance
  • Our team members have led large teams in global corporations, thus operational excellence and corporate governance have high stakes at SJ&B foundation