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In 2020 Emeka and Boma Onyeokoro, initiated a process that will encourage like-minded allies to support a movement that will reduce poverty in flashpoint communities where vulnerable individuals may be ruined, due to lack of immediate economic resources. Their families, friends and associate rallied around them, the result; St. Jude and Benjamin Foundation was birthed. Their values are informed by a long-term experience supporting local causes as individual contributors and grounded in their belief in the value of education and the critical role the family plays in nation building.

With decades of Enterprise relationship management Expertise, enabling massive experience in the Nigerian economy and equipped with an impressive technology management background across range of Sectors, including Government affairs and public sector, ICT, Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Manufacturing sectors of the Economy, the foundation is poised to replicate our growth process and a better livelihood for our communities.

The job of nation building and cultural preservation is such a complex task to leave for the government alone. As a multi-tribal confluence of unique individuals, it is critical for each individual and group to contribute as much and on time.